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Local Locksmith

Local Locksmith

If your security concerns you, call our local locksmith! We're a breath away from your problems and ready to take action in times of need

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Lock Change

Lock Change

Technology is not static but over time it grows to newer forms that are of higher quality when compared to the prior forms that had been in existence.

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Mobile Locksmith

Mobile Locksmith

Our mobile locksmith company has sophisticated equipment and trained technicians for fast and quality locksmith services

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Top quality 24/7 locksmith service by true professionals

Important details you must know about locksmith services. FAQ for understanding the services locksmiths provide. You will also find out more about pin tumbler locks and the importance of having good locks in your house.

A variety of FAQ related to key and lock matters is answered here! They are very helpful.

What is a pin tumbler lock?

A pin tumbler lock uses sets of pins instead of obstructions to prevent the lock from releasing until the corresponding key is inserted. The corresponding key has grooves on both sides of its blades that serve as limits to the type of lock it can slide into. The horizontal grooves on the blade allow it to align to the wards inside that allow or deny cylinder entry. The pointed teeth on the blade then allow the pins to move until in line with the cylinder, allowing it to rotate freely.

Is it recommended to install new locks and keys for a rented house?

Of course, having newly purchased locks and keys will give you peace of mind. As a matter of fact, professionals at Locksmith Redmond suggest doing so. The expense involved during the process is not that costly as well. However, you may have to inform the owner of the house before actually doing so.

What should I do about my locks when I move?

Change them at the earliest opportunity. The costs of doing this are minimal compared to the risk that you run if an intruder is able to get into your property. Estate agents sometimes take a copy when they are showing the house. Contact our technicians for more assistance.

Should I upgrade conventional locks or simply add more to it?

The decision to upgrade conventional locks into high-grade electric locks is not something to be taken lightly, but is nonetheless a sound decision for anyone who has the capital to do so. Otherwise, adding to conventional locks boosts its effectiveness and is a cheaper alternative for those who don’t have the budget to spare.

Will rekeying the front door lock make my house more secure?

Rekeying prevents the use of all previous keys for unlocking the door. Hence, it will make your place more secure if someone in your family has lost their key or if a former resident/employee has left without returning theirs. Since the lock’s features will remain the same, the device will not be more resistant to break-in attempts than before.

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